About CASS Charity Trust Fund

CASS Charity Trust Fund – established to empower community capacity building work

About five years after the formation of our Organisation, CASS started to engage in the community capacity building work, in addition to our own development work. CASS is committed to other charitable causes in the community and has organised fundraising events such as cultural performances and the “Dragon Charity Walk” to raise funds for them.

After several years of experience, we realised that it would be necessary to strengthen certain structural arrangement. Therefore, in 1992, CASS specifically established the “CASS Charity Trust Fund” to facilitate our fundraising efforts. This Charity Trust Fund has been approved by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), and donations are tax deductable.

Our Charity Trust Fund has provided assistance to some community organisations in need, helping them to develop their expertise services. Over the years, CASS has provided assistance to institutions such as CanRevive Inc., a community organisation supporting cancer sufferers, Australian Red Cross, NSW State Emergency Services (SES), Elderly Australian Chinese Homes (NSW) Co-op Ltd (EACH), Canterbury Hospital, Children’s hospital, and Hurstville Public School Building Project. At the same time, CASS has also been organising fundraising activities for people affected by natural disasters, such as bushfire victims in NSW and Victoria, victims of drought in NSW and Victoria, victims of flood and earthquakes in China.


Ways to donate:

1. Visit CASS in person
Address: 44-50 Sixth Avenue, Campsie NSW 2194
2. Cheque via mail
Cheque payable to: CASS Charity Trust Fund
3. Bank transfer
Account name: CASS Charity Trust Fund
BSB: 032063
Account number: 603884
4. Online using credit/debit cards
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