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We provide a comprehensive range of social and welfare services for the multicultural communities. We are commonly known in the community by our brand name “CASS”, and it consists of a group of non-profit charities, all of which are registered as companies limited by guarantee, including principally the parent entity, the Chinese Australian Services Society Ltd (founded in 1981, to be referred to as “the Society” hereunder), and the subsidiary, CASS Care Ltd (established in 2002, to be referred to as “CASS Care” hereunder) which is also an endorsed public benevolent institution (PBI) by the Australian Taxation Office.


The services provided by CASS cater the needs from cradle to seniors, including services in home ageing, residential aged care, disability, vocation & training, settlement & health, child care, and many more.


Please click the video link (CASS Video English version) to know more about our organisation.

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