We are a charity commonly known in the community as “CASS”, our brand name.


Did you know CASS began its remarkable history dating all the way back to International Women’s Day in 1981? At the time, we saw in our communities that working parents had problems finding appropriate child care. So we started a volunteer telephone referral service to match these helpless parents with prospective care-givers, giving the in-demand support to our most vulnerable.


Now CASS provides a comprehensive range of social and welfare services for every stage of life, including home ageing, residential aged care, disability, vocation & training, settlement & health, child care, and many more. We hold many long-standing track records in meeting funding requirements, quality standards and legal requirements as a services provider, as evidenced by the many accolades we get each year. Our services cover a wide geographical area including Metropolitan Sydney, Wollongong, and now even getting a standing in Victoria!


On a weekly basis, over 7,000 families are being served by a dynamic workforce of over 650 employees and over 350 altruistic volunteers in various activities and services. Click on the video link to learn more about us!

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