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CASS Playgroup at Meadowbank Activity Centre
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在Meadowbank 活動中心舉辦的遊戲組是一個由參加者自己提供活动經費來運行的遊戲組。其目的在於幫助非英語背景的人們,尤其是中國的年輕媽媽們發展社會網絡,以至於不與社會脫節,幫助她們在與社會的聯繫中了解和獲取各種社會信息,從而改善和提高她們的生活質素。遊戲组開放時間為每週三上午9:30 至中午12:00。歡迎有興趣加入遊戲組的家庭致電 0402 658 999 與 Jindi Li 聯絡

時間:上午9:30 – 中午12:00 ( 每週三)

地址:Meadowbank Activity Centre. Unit 15/27-31 Bank Street, Meadowbank NSW 2114


A new CASS Playgroup runs at Meadowbank Activity Centre. This playgroup is a self-help and self-sufficient, with routine operation of a group being funded by activity fees contributed by participants. It aims to develop social support network in the community to enable people of non-English speaking background, especially young mothers of Chinese descend to break social isolation, facilitate the target people to access various information which would improve or enhance their living and wellbeing. Families who wish to join the playgroup are welcome to contact Jindi Li on 0402 658 999.

Time: 9:30am – 12:00noon (every Wednesday)

Venue: Meadowbank Activity Centre. Unit 15/27-31 Bank Street, Meadowbank NSW 2114

電話:61-2-9789 4587     傳真:61-2-9718 6357     電郵

辦公時間:Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm

地址:44-50 Sixth Avenue, Campsie NSW 2194


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